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Welcome to my world, everyone's world, an Irrelevant World. This comic strip pokes funs at some of the most trivial things in life. Things that we probably pay way too much attention to but we just can't avoid. I started drawing this comic back in 1996 when some things were getting on my nerves. After two years of not making any additions, I obtained a scanner for my computer. So in 1999, I've decided to move my comic to the internet and begin drawing again. I hope you find reading it as enjoyable as I do drawing it.

The Latest Update (Update Made 05/12/2005 21:20:00 ET)
(Updates used to be made at Midnight ET on Thursdays)
There are no planned updates for now due to lack of free time.
Please enjoy my archive of comic strips.

You can view my current archive of strips here.

Or, you can visit my other web site, Cartoon's Life Lessons.

Standard Disclaimer

The characters and events portrayed in this comic strip are fictional and any similarities to actual people and events are purely coincidential.

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